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Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cherry Blossom Tree

The sun shines down.
Pink flowers glow softly.
A gentle breeze rustles the leaves.
Birds flutter about the branches.
A young girl sits below it.
Relaxing in the shade.
The sweet smell of cherry blossoms fills the air.
And I know

I am home.

Where Cherry Blossoms Fall

You hiding
From innocence
In the mountains where cherry blossoms fall
Was love so pure and silent that your heart dared not to accept the call
We would have danced every dance until there was no distance between dawn and heavens door
You would have drowned in the certainty
That eternity had been ours
Long long before

silent lotus

In a tangling forest
Once we are lost
Somehow we stumble
Upon a steady waterfall
Butterflies flutter frantically
Both in our souls and in branches
A single cherry blossom
Leaned into the waterfall
As you pulled me deeper
Underwater now we’re falling
The simple grace of your smile
Eases me to believe and breathe
And ever so kindly
You hold me in the rain

In Japanese culture cherry blossom represents the beauty of life.

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