Watch the Trailer for Sara’s Australia Unveiled TV-show

Sara’s Australia Unveiled is a TV-show of traveling, food, culture and lifestyle. Experiencing the amazing Australia, its nature’s best gems, interesting animal species, fresh products and delicacies. The show introduces also interesting stories about local people including their history and culture and everything between cooking with aboriginals and meeting well-known star chefs.


During the shooting, I experienced so many different ways of travel the magically beautiful and amazingly big Australia. Sara’s Australia Unveiled is filled with fast and exciting sceneries and experiences. The show defenitely has something for everyone!


I was so blessed to live this journey and learn, see, taste and experience everything that it had to offer. The two months that I spent in Australia were colorful, powerful, spiritual, and I really fell in love with Australia!

It’s so excited that the show is now airing in Australia on Channel10 every Saturday. Next year the rest of the world will be able to see the show as well – it’s going to be shown in 147 countries! I will give you more information about that soon.





I’m going to start posting a lot of material about my journey across Australia; travel tips, must-see places and of course a lot of recipes, including lifestyle stuff. Stay tuned! Go and check-out my webpage. More exciting info and news coming soon!

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