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    World Food Programme (WPF) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Healthy Not Hungry is their newest campaign which aim is to accelerate WFP’s main goal: Zero Hunger and good health for all…

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    Passion for Food

    With Passion for Food series I want to recommend you some current delicacies every month. This series is all about mouth watering recipes and food inspiration to lighten up your culinary experiences. I also…

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    Into the Mood

    These inspiring photos made me think of the 80s which I love as a decade. I never get bored with denim. It’s a fashion must. I got many new ideas on how to wear…

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    A special treat to energize your skin

    This sexy and energizing home made body scrub will make your skin glow and give your body a fresh and sensual scent. Try it now! Mandarin Sugar Scrub 15-20 drops mandarin mandarin essential oil…

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    The Best New Year – 2017

    2017 is here – I’m so excited about this year. This year we will open a new book, its pages are still blank. We are goint to put words on them ourselves. I really…

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    Magical Porridge for Christmas

    Magical Almond Milk Rice Porridge This Magical Christmas rice porridge is lovely, healthy and also dairy free. Rice puddings and rice porridges are found in nearly every area of the world. It usually includes traditions,…